Cicero Capital Partners Launches CCP Strategic Alpha Fund

Volatility focused strategy becomes Firm’s fourth hedge fund offering

COLUMBIA, MD (May 17, 2018) – Cicero Capital Partners, LLC has announced the launch of the CCP Strategic Alpha Fund which is managed by Joel Houck, CFA. The new fund, which is Cicero Capital’s fourth hedge fund, seeks to generate excess returns by investing and trading in volatility related ETF/ETN’s, options and futures.

The Fund was created to take advantage of today’s volatile investing environment and to offer investors an alternative to traditional equity investing. “Equity volatility has increased significantly in 2018 relative to the record low readings experienced in 2017. Despite the increase in volatility this year, we believe we are in the early innings of the normalization of volatility,” said Joel Houck, Portfolio Manager of the Strategic Alpha Fund.

The fund is designed to take advantage of turbulent markets by taking both long and short positions in volatility products. The Fund attempts to profit with long volatility positions when the VIX is low or expected to increase and from short volatility products when the VIX is high or expected to decline. “Trading and investing in volatility products is best done with a focused strategy and a dedicated portfolio manager,” added Joel. “The CCP Strategic Alpha Fund is structured to be a non-directional strategy with low correlation to the broader equity markets.”

Mr. Houck has over 28 years of experience as a financial/research analyst and hedge fund manager/trader. He was most recently a Managing Director at Wells Fargo Securities. His experience on the buy-side includes being the lead portfolio manager on two different long/short equity funds and trading volatility-related instruments and associated hedging strategies.

The CCP Strategic Alpha Fund joins a Cicero Capital platform that has traditionally invested in real estate related securities. “We are excited to add Joel to the team and increase Cicero’s offerings to clients looking for actively managed alternative investment strategies. Cicero Capital Partners is always seeking strategies that are uncorrelated to broader markets while seeking consistent returns,” said Bob Neighoff, Managing Partner. “Cicero Capital Partners analyzes opportunities across all investment vehicles and has identified the volatility complex as a sector able generate superior risk adjusted returns.”

About Cicero Capital Partners, LLC

Cicero Capital Partners is an SEC registered investment advisor that specializes in alternative asset management strategies. The firm’s CCP Total Return Fund has been recognized as a top performing credit strategy over the past five years. With operations dating back to 2009, Cicero is steadfastly committed to a preservation of principal approach to investing in today’s volatile markets. For more information, please visit