Real Estate Equity & Development

At Cicero, we specialize in identifying unrealized opportunities in real estate assets with substantial growth potential.

Our team’s nationwide experience covers all of the major commercial real estate asset classes including: office, retail, industrial, multi-family, hospitality and self-storage.

We explore and leverage a variety of strategies within these asset classes that provide investors with unique value-rich opportunities.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Buildings with poor tenant strategies, insufficient funding or inefficient past management.
  • Assets that need improvements, repairs and/or revised market strategies.
  • Acquiring assets by assuming debt owned by banks, special services or other lenders.
  • Finding assets that are not being capitalized on by other investors due to market trends and/or are otherwise not well known.
  • Focus on distressed sellers with accelerated marketing timelines or off-market negotiated transactions.

Our strategies are always faithful to our core investment philosophy:

  • preservation of capital,
  • current or near-term cash flow and
  • potential for significant capital appreciation.